In this final episode of "Returning to the Heart of Jesus" host, Bill Wegner, and co-host, Brent Heiser, speak about God's mercy. Brent Heiser shares a very important announcement.
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What is A Parish Mission?

A Parish Mission usually is a three to five evening experience preached by one or more presenters.  The evenings center on proclaiming the Word of God and a call to a deeper conversion to Jesus Christ and his Church.  Because of the evening format the people have time between the sessions to reflect on the preaching and how it impacts their lives.  There is usually a time for fellowship included in the evening where the participants gather to discuss what was heard and to ask questions of the presenter.  It is a spiritual time to look at who God is to you.

This event is designed to deepen one's spiritual life and challenge each person to an on-going conversion to Jesus Christ and to his Church.