In this final episode of "Returning to the Heart of Jesus" host, Bill Wegner, and co-host, Brent Heiser, speak about God's mercy. Brent Heiser shares a very important announcement.
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 Bill Wegner's presentation of the Gospel has encouraged us to accept the very real challenges of being Jesus' disciples.  The lessons are real and deep but never out of reach.  He employs humor without being shallow or distracting, so that we can be attentive, remember the lesson, and not be afraid of the seriousness of Jesus' call to each one of us.  Bill does what he says, he encourages and challenges us, he clearly presents the Gospel free of all other agendas. He is faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church.  As a pastor I have been very happy with every part of this mission.
Rev. Chauncey Winkler, Pastor, Lake Havasu City, AZ

We were blessed with Bill Wegner's presentation which were encouraging and challenging.  The people were receptive to his message.  He kept their full attention.  He created geniune excitement that was infectious.  His ability to speak the language of the laity made him relate well to his audience.  His messages included God's love for us, forgiveness and reconciliation, the need for conversion, the challenge of ministering to the marginalized and many others.  His challenge to the listeners was to strive for holiness.  His presentations were supported by the scripture, teachings of the Church, personal sharing and anecdotes.  The reaction of the parish has been very positive.
Rev. David Axtmann, Pastor, Webster, SD

"I approve your starting a school of evangelization here. I wish you every good success and ask the blessing of the Holy Spirit on your work."
Most Rev. F. Joseph Gossman - Bishop of Raleigh, NC

Mr. Wegner's style is engaging.  He delves into the Scripture in a way that is theologically sound, pertinent to our time, and inspirational for those who are disciples of Jesus.  Our parishioners discussed things that Mr. Wegner said for weeks after he came here.  I have used some of his images in my homilies to remind our people what we learned together.  I can recommend Bill Wegner as an effective Catholic lay missionary.  We were very please with what happened here.
Rev. Stephen J. Parlet, Pastor, Buena Vista, CO

"Please accept our appreciation for the energetic and inspiring mission at our parish.  The response and enthusiasm from the parish and staff has been outstanding.  The numbers at each session spoke for themselves.  Your gift brought the gospel to life through testimonies and was a message of living the gospel in our society today and in our everyday lives.  With your great energy and humility, you stretched and challenged us in our personal relationship with God and each other."
Rev. J.J. Mech, Pastor, Troy, MI

"The Good News International program has received my endorsement for offering programs on evangelization in our diocese. They have met with me and are clearly committed to the life of the Church."
Most Rev. Frank J. Rodimer - Bishop of Paterson, NJ

Our parish just experienced a mission by Bill Wegner of Good News International.  Our people thoroughly enjoyed Bill's down-to-earth style and his fine sense of humor-but were even more impressed with the prayerful fervor of his talks, which were truly inspiring and spiritually helpful to them.  I myself was very glad to be at the mission, which I found to be most valuable.
Rev. Msgr. David C. Hubba, Pastor, Nutley, NJ

"I found your topics: Jesus, the fact of suffering [through] our daily encounter with the crosses of life, prayer, and other topics wonderfully transcended the current tension between so called "liberal" and "conservative" points of view."
Rev. Thomas Trapasso - Netcong, NJ

"This is to say that we completely endorse the ministry of Good News International. We strongly recommend them to any parish that is hoping to stimulate its members to deepen their faith and share their enthusiasm in the local community."
Rt. Rev. Patrick Shelton, OSB - Hamlet, NC

"To see laymen like you, on fire with love of the Lord, serving the Church, preaching a message filled with hope, was a great shot in the arm for us all."
Rev. Charles R. Fink - Hewlett, NY

Your heartfelt presentation still has the parishioners talking two weeks later and the accolades are still coming in!  Bill, you are very gifted in relating to the lay person about real life situations.  Your non-traditional format was not only captivating but also inspiring.   The parishioners felt the presentation created excitement and everyone found your humor infectious. 
Rev. Mark Payne, Pastor, Milwaukee, WI

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for the Advent Mission you gave here at St. Mary's.  I received alot of positive comments from the parishioners on how much they enjoyed your very dynamic and personal testimony and the relating of your life experiences to the scriptures.  Your presentation incorporated with humor and ordinary life experiences that everyone could relate to was very refreshing.  Also, your message to "Dare To Be Holy" was very challenging.
Msgr. Manuel Fernandez, Pastor, Eustis, FL

It was a pleasure to have Mr. Bill Wegner with us at Visitation B.V.M parish.  Through his talks he effectively proclaimed the Gospel message to our people.  His use of humor and stories from his own life experience added to his effectiveness.  It's hard to imagine anyone attending the mission not leaving both more confident of God's personal and powerful love and more challenged to transmit His word and His forgiveness to others.  I am happy to recommend, to any parish planning a parish mission, positive consideration of Mr. Bill Wegner and Good News International.
Msgr. Thomas A. Murray, Pastor, Norristown, PA